Newsletter (Sathorn) 8 March 2019

Newsletter (Sathorn) 8 March 2019

Dear Hampton Families,

The ‘Book Week’ fun has continued at Hampton!

The children have all recreated their chosen class favourite book through crafts, Literacy activities, science experiments and Circle Time discussions.

As we took a more in-depth look into each book the children truly investigated all aspects of the story …

The Nursery 1 Daisy Class has learned all about animals, sizing/ordering and counting through ‘Dear Zoo’.

The Nursery 2 Maple Class has learned all about colours, sequencing, sink vs. float, weather patterns and being a kind and helpful friend through ‘Elmer and the Flood’.

Upstairs, the Kindergarten 1 Palm Class has explored with sweet treats in Cooking Class, science experiments and even a taste test…

…as well as practised their addition and subtraction, sounds of letters, descriptive language and making predictions through ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.

Finally, the Kindergarten 2 Oak Class has explored story structures, their imaginations, drawing conclusions and even performed a wicked science experiment through ‘The Wizard of Oz’!

We celebrated the children’s learning over the past two weeks with a truly fantastic ‘Book Week’ celebration today, 8th March.

The children came to school dressed as their favourite book characters, joined in some fun and unique storytelling and story creation activities in the garden and then proceeded to participate in a whole-school assembly!

At the assembly, the children enjoyed two special shows put on by the Hampton Staff.

The class teachers performed ‘The Three Little Pigs’ while the teaching assistants performed ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’.

From the smiles on the children’s faces, I believe they enjoyed these skits very much.

The children also had a time to participate in the show as each class performed a special skit pertaining to their class book.

It was incredible to see the children so enthusiastic about their learning and clearly took great pride in sharing this with others.

What a way to end an already amazing two weeks!


Moving forward, next week sees the start of the whole school embarking on a 4-week-long exploration of our new school-wide theme, ‘Community Helpers’…

…the theme is the same across the school, but each class will be learning a new and different ‘job people do’ each week.

From mailman/woman to chefs to artists to engineers to pilots … so much fun awaits!

We conclude this theme with our much-anticipated International Day celebration on Friday 29th March.

Where in the world will Hampton go this year?

Stay tuned for more information which will be included in next week’s newsletter.

You have recently received a ‘Confirmation of Attendance’ form in your child’s schoolbag for the upcoming 2019/2020 academic year which we would greatly appreciate if you could fill-it-out and return to the school office.

This information aids greatly in our preparation for all the excitement that is to come!

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences will begin next week, 11-15th of March.

I hope that you enjoy and value this time with your child’s class teacher; please bring any comments, questions, successes or concerns to this meeting.

The teachers look forward to sharing your child’s progress with you; verbally and with photographic evidence.

School Picture Day for Term 2 will be held next week; Thursday 14th March.

Children are to wear their blue school uniforms on this day!

Purchasing information and photo packages will be sent home once they are received by the school.

Please mark your calendars for two very special upcoming events; Sports Day on Wednesday 20th March and International Day on Friday 29th March.

We look forward to celebrating both with you!

Wishing you a lovely weekend,

Ms. Erin Burney

Head of School