Newsletter (Sathorn) 5th April 2019

Newsletter (Sathorn) 5th April 2019

Dear Hampton Families,

It has been a fantastic [past] 4 weeks where the whole-school has embarked on a journey to explore and learn more about ‘Jobs People Do’.

This has been a favourite theme for many as it provided the children with ample opportunities to role-play, use their imagination, pose questions and bring their outside-of-school experiences into the classroom.

The children are now proudly exclaiming answers to the age-old question of “what do you want to be when you grow up?”.

The Nursery 1 Daisy Class zoomed through their week as they learned about drivers; drivers of taxis, buses, trucks and even motorcycles!

The children practised skills such as big vs. small, colour matching and counting through their fun activities inside and outside of the classroom.

The Daisies are quite the confident bunch and this theme has sparked a lot of language in the classroom!

Great job to our youngest learners.

The Nursery 2 Maple Class showed-off their compassionate and nurturing sides as they spent the week caring for our pet friends in their new veterinarian office role-play area.

The children helped to sort pictures of animals into different categories, placed plasters on pets by matching numbers and letters and even practised their colour recognition and fine motor skills while trying to unlock a pet-cage mystery!

A great display of language and imagination from our Maples; well done to each Maple!

The Kindergarten 1 Palm Class formed very clever hypotheses to some intriguing questions that were posed to them while performing experiments like a scientist!

Fizz, bubble, pop, expand, contract, mix, sort, count … just a few concepts that the Palms explored through this very exciting week.

It has been truly wonderful to hear the Palms give very detailed reasons for as to why they think something may happen or did occur.

Amazing thinking Palms!

The Kindergarten 2 Oak Class showed strong determination, great critical thinking and highly creative efforts as the Oaks took on the role of an engineer!

Recycled pieces and parts were presented to the Oaks and their imaginations ran rampant – what was created was truly astounding!

Fantastic job Oaks!

In addition to their classroom topic, the Oaks are prouder than ever to show-off their reading and writing skills; you can hear a pin drop in the Oak classroom when they are tackling their weekly Literacy activities!

Next week, the whole-school will explore water in different ways through experiments, art activities, games and crafts – all leading up to the ever so refreshing children-only Songkran Splash Day on Thursday 11th April!

Our Thai staff is also preparing a special performance for the children where they will learn more about the traditions behind Songkran!

A fabulous 4 days await the Hampton children.

Wishing everyone a terrific weekend,

Ms. Erin Burney

Head of School