Newsletter (Sathorn) 26th April 2019

Newsletter (Sathorn) 26th April 2019

Dear Hampton Families,

Returning to school after a holiday is always a very special time!

The children’s faces light up upon seeing their friends and teacher’s, smiles are exchanged, hugs are given, and holiday tales and adventures are swapped at rapid rates!

Welcome back to everyone; we have a fantastic few weeks remaining for the school year and we look forward to sharing them with you.

From the 22nd of April to the 16th of May, the Hampton community is embarking on a challenge; a very important and relevant challenge!

We are striving to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic to help save our seas.

Each class has a collection bin which the children are encouraged to contribute to each day to watch the amount grow.

Not only is this a friendly school-wide competition, but this provides our children with a daily visual of just how much plastic we use and how much goes to waste and ends up harming our environment!

Hampton is proud and honoured to be partnering with The Sang Foundation and Precious Plastic; two organisations who we support wholeheartedly in their efforts to bring awareness to plastic use and waste.

Awareness is the first step in making positive changes!

After all, “the Earth is what we all have in common”, so let’s take care of it!

Please mark your calendars for Thursday 16th May, as from 8:00-9:30am Hampton, The Sang Foundation and Precious Plastic will come together for a charitable event in our garden.

We cannot thank you enough for your already very generous support and effort! More exciting information is to come; stay tuned!

The first week of our ‘Saving the Seas’ theme was kicked-off in a grand way, with ‘Earth Week’!

Each class dove into this theme and discussed taking care of our Earth; turning off the taps while brushing teeth, washing hands or even dishes, turning off the lights when not in a room, recycling, planting and tending to gardens and even using tote bags when shopping instead of accepting too many plastic bags.

The children, all ages, have been very receptive of this theme and have had fun trying some of these techniques at school – especially turning off the lights!

We hope you can support our efforts and the children’s learning by doing these small steps at home too!

Today, Friday 26th April, Hampton children, dressed in blue and green, enjoyed a garden full of ‘taking care of the Earth’ activities!

Recycling bins were overflowing, “rubbish” was sorted, games were played, plants were planted, sea creatures were cared for and recycled crafts were made!

A great start to this powerful month-long topic!

Don’t forget to collect your plastic over the weekend!

All the best,

Ms. Erin Burney

Head of School

*We also had a special birthday party!

*And, the children were very eager to be back in their After School Clubs after the holiday!

*Lastly, a few reminders for our families: