Newsletter (Sathorn) 24th May 2019

Newsletter (Sathorn) 24th May 2019

Dear Hampton Families,

After returning to school from the long-weekend, our children were greeted with a school and classroom that looked quite different! There were no more plastic bottles, fish, submarines or whales lurking around … instead there were footprints, caution tape, flashlights and magnifying glasses! We have successfully begun our last school-wide theme for the academic year – HAMPTON DETECTIVES! Mysteries have been solved, footprints have been examined, fingerprints have been lifted and magnifying glasses have been constructed. We are thrilled to end the year with such a creative and interactive topic, and it has been wonderful to see the children’s enthusiasm, imaginations and language burst out as a result!

The Nursery 1 Daisy Class children found it quite fun to have a mystery smelling test! Could they smell lime, onion, fish or pineapple? Their noses were put to the test and the children all passed with flying colours and even enjoyed a sneaky taste test after!

Next door in the Nursery 2 Maple Class, the children put on their “thinking caps” and took a closer look at mystery pictures. As the picture was sloooowly revealed … could they guess what it was? – of course, they could!

Someone had mysteriously visited the Kindergarten 1 Palm Classroom without their permission … but who? Myself, Mr. Ben, Ms. Mandy and Mr. Nic were all suspects, but the children compared our footprints to those fond in the classroom, and luckily for us … it wasn’t us! But who could it be? The Palms have built up their top-secret folders, and today, proved to be excellent detectives as they cracked the case!

The Kindergarten 2 Oak Class came into their classroom on Tuesday to their favourite toys missing! Where did they go? They found clues which led them on a hunt around the school until … a cheeky gorilla was found with all their prized classroom materials! Way to go Hampton children, you are incredible detectives in training! What will next week bring?

Thank you to everyone for joining us at Polo Football Park on Wednesday 22nd May! Our children are superstars when it comes to athletics and they showed off amazingly! Running, jumping, kicking, sorting, dribbling … way to go Hampton!

I hope that you have enjoyed reading your child’s Term 2 Report and exploring your child’s portfolio of masterpieces (sent home today 24th May). It has been an incredible term and each child has grown immensely. It is amazing to think about all that has been accomplished in just a few months! Amazing job children; you make EVERYONE very proud! We look forward to the remaining few week’s and a fun End of Year celebration (children only)!

Wishing you a lovely weekend,

Ms. Erin Burney

Head of School


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