Newsletter (Sathorn) 16th May 2019

Newsletter (Sathorn) 16th May 2019

Dear Hampton Families,

Everyone at Hampton has been on an incredible, and very important, journey for the past 4 weeks. Throughout this time, each class dove deeper into the necessity and importance to take better care of our Earth. From planting gardens to turning off lights to recycling to always finding a rubbish bin to minimising the acceptance of plastic bags … the children all gave their biggest effort and assurance in making changes, even within our school!

Though this concept and theme may seem advanced, our children (from big to small) absolutely thrived in their learning. Questions were asked, pride was seen on faces as children arrived to school with recycled donations and care and compassion was shown when discussing our dear sea-life friends.

Researchers predict that if our current pollution levels continue, by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish.

To lead up to our big event, we had some special ‘Spirit Days’! Mondays 13th May was ‘Silly Sock Day’ …

Tuesday 14th May was ‘Crazy Hair Day’!

And, Wednesday 15th May was ‘Fun Hat Day’!

Hampton has joined alongside The Sang Foundation and Precious Plastic in making a difference in our plastic use. I thank you for your involvement, generous donations and unwavering support. Today, Thursday 16th May, the 3 of us came together in our school garden to unite, celebrate and spread the knowledge, joy and inspiration that we have all acquired since embarking on this journey.

Our children amaze us each and every day, but particularly today. Our Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2 hosted their (first time ever) ‘Bake Sale’ which was so much fun and a big hit! The children put a lot of hard work into their decorations, cooking and selling so we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your participation! We hope that you enjoyed your drinks and treats!

Each Hampton child also took great time and effort to design their own canvas bag. We certainly hope that the next time you venture out to the shop, that you will consider using this bag instead of accepting plastic bags.

‘Bobo the Whale’ was present for this event, and we hope you took away an important message from The Sang Foundation’s parent’s presentation.

From everyone at Hampton, THANK YOU for your effort, support, generosity and enthusiasm for our Term 2 charity project. We are pleased to announce that we raised 12,500THB (with a few more donations on the way) which will be given directly to The Sang Foundation to support their future efforts.

If you have some time, stop by The Sang Foundations next big event.


We hope that everyone enjoys their long weekend holiday and we look forward to seeing the children back in school on Tuesday 21st May ready and eager for their, hard-to-believe, last topic for the 2018/2019 academic year … ‘DETECTIVES’!

Wishing you all the best,

Ms. Erin Burney

Head of School

We can’t forget a special birthday celebration…

After School Club fun …

and some friendly reminders!