Newsletter (Sathorn) 10th May 2019

Newsletter (Sathorn) 10th May 2019

Dear Hampton Families,

It has been a spectacular 3 week’s (with 1 more week to go) learning about taking care of our Earth and how we can help make a     bigger impact! The children, all ages, have been incredibly receptive to their classroom (inside and outside) experiences and have taken great pride in doing their part to make a difference! It has been so wonderful to see the children arrive each morning with plastic items eagerly rushing to put them in their class collection box! Also, air conditioners are being turned off when not in use, room lights are switched off when the sun is shining bright and taps are turned off while washing hands or brushing teeth! Great job Hampton children; you are making a BIG difference!

Next week begins our “spirit week” to get the children even more excited for our upcoming charitable event on Thursday 16th May from 8:00-9:30am in our school garden. On Monday 13th, the children are all encouraged to wear “silly socks” (with uniform), on Tuesday 14th “crazy hair” (with uniform), on Wednesday 15th a “fun hat” (with uniform), and on Thursday 16th, a “recycled costume”! A special visitor will also greet the children on Monday 13th to further bring awareness to our unfortunate excessive plastic use; his name is ‘Bobo the Whale’ and we can’t wait to see the children’s reaction!

Hampton, The Sang Foundation and Precious Plastic will all join on the 16th to ‘save the seas’ and reduce our use of plastic! We can’t wait to celebrate with you as we are very much looking forward to this event, especially our Kindergarten 1 & Kindergarten 2 Bake Sale which the children will be running on this day and a canvas bag sale that all Hampton children designed and created! All proceeds will be going to The Sang Foundation. As always, we thank you for your support!

This week’s newsletter is our ‘special update’ version! Each class teacher has prepared a write-up to provide you with an overview and highlights of their class’ experiences since the start of Term 2! Please enjoy! Also, we are so thrilled to announce our new Year 1 teacher for the upcoming 2019/2020 academic year; Mr. Jannie! Kindly read his ‘welcome letter’ and know that he is very eager to get to know you once he begins his journey at Hampton this August! What an exciting time at Hampton!

Lastly, a GIANT ‘thank you’ goes to the Kindergarten 2 Oak Class for their tremendous effort to make our school a better place! After each snack and lunch, all children are encouraged to tidy up for themselves according to the labeled bins. The Oaks felt that they could make this area and process even better with their magical touch! Alex, Bin Bin, Connie, Ellie, Livi, Pat and Porsche all worked very hard to create new signs that now proudly hang in our canteen for all the children to see and follow! Way to go K2 Class! THANK YOU!

Wishing you all a great weekend,

Ms. Erin Burney

Head of School


Hi Hampton Families! It is time for the Daisy Class Update! We started Term Two with the addition of four new friends joining the Daisy Class. The existing Daisy Class children welcomed them with open arms, which helped the children settle in quickly, begin to form friendships and follow the school routine with greater ease and confidence. Together, we have covered a lot of topics since January, from ‘In the Garden,’ where we looked at different insects and how we grow plants, to ‘Health and Hygiene,’ where we explored how to keep ourselves healthy and fit, to ‘Daisy Class Favourite Book’ topic where the children investigated ‘Dear Zoo’, to ‘Community Helpers’ where we took a closer look into the role a farmer, artist, pilot and a driver with lots of role playing. All these classroom themes provided the children with new experiences, skills practise inside and outside of the classroom and ample amount of time for interactions and play amongst their peers. Our ‘Ocean’ theme will soon lead us up to our big charity project with Precious Plastic and The Sang Foundation. Through this unique topic, the children are looking at protecting the oceans from plastic and pollution as this has an adverse effect on the marine creatures. The children have grown to be quite inquisitive through this topic and have enjoyed sorting “rubbish”, taking care of animals and collecting items from home to place in our collection box! We are greatly looking forward to this event and hope to see you there supporting the children in their learning journeys. The children have had lots of fun throughout the term thus far, especially when Mr. Sunny comes in for Music Class. The Daisies are very animated and engaged throughout his lesson as they absolutely love his outgoing personality. Since the start of the school year the children have grown more confident in their environment and are, as a result, exploring further with their interactions and communication. They have started to show their personalities and seek out others to join them in their favourite activities; our whole-school morning garden time is the perfect place to see these types of interactions! It has been so lovely to connect our classroom learning with the Daisy Families, as well as the Hampton Community. Through our special events, like Minibeast Day, International day and our Songkran Splash Day, it is so nice to see the children taking great pride in participating and showing-off their work to every around. The children have had a lot of fun throughout the year and the activities have helped them to develop in so many ways. From individual to small group to whole class activities, the Daisies have shown a great attitude towards school and their desire to explore is unwavering.  We are certainly cherishing the remaining weeks and look forward to a great end of the academic year with our school-wide ‘Detective’ theme. Keep up the great work Daisies and keep showing kindness to the Hampton family!


Hello Hampton Families! The Maples have had a very exciting second term thus far since returning to school in January. It has been a term of wonderful hands-on themes leading up to fun filled whole-school activity days to celebrate their learning. The classroom became a riot of colour as they began the term with their ‘In the Garden’ theme. Bees buzzed everywhere, spiders swung from their webs while snails glided across the walls. Everywhere the children looked was evidence of all the crafts they worked so happily on as they discovered the excitement of the mini world that surrounds them. Minibeast Day duly took place amid bright costumes and fun themed activities. The next topic was ‘Health and Hygiene’. Once again, the children approached this theme  with great enthusiasm. Healthy eating  was encouraged, with the children looking at fruits and vegetables and making a food rainbow to show that colourful foods are good for them.  Much discussion went on in the room as they talked about being healthy through  what  you eat, and that our vibrantly coloured foods look appealing as well as being tasty! We did lots of  yoga in the classroom amid an equal amount of laughter as the inevitable collapses occurred. Activities throughout all our topics are both indoor and outdoor affairs. Learning the importance of keeping clean was demonstrated with ‘mud’ paint being placed onto precut figures by the children, which they then washed off  with bubble wash. The figures were then hung up with pegs to dry, ready to be used in a different  way on another day.  The class ‘Favourite Book’ topic was a big hit as this year the children explored ‘Elmer and the Flood’. The children worked on a variety of activities and crafts based on the story which culminated in the Book Day celebration. The Maples enjoy looking at books and this theme was pleasurable to them all, in many ways. ‘Elmer’ is an especially popular character for them, and they loved hearing of his adventures, not only in the book they were working with, but with other stories about him as well. Once again, the classroom burst into colour as ‘Elmer the Patchwork elephant’ brightened up the room. All too soon it was International Day, as the Maple Class looked at pilots and air crew as part of their ‘Community Helpers’ theme. The children talked about their own countries and  where they like to go on their holidays.  A classroom airplane encouraged  their imaginative  play as they all went on an adventure. So many of the children are used to jetting out of Thailand that they enjoyed sharing  their own experiences of different places. Songkran was celebrated with an end of half-term splash day as the children took a well-earned break. The school, as a whole, is now fully involved in our theme of the ‘Ocean’ which incorporates our charity project with ‘Precious Plastic’ and The Sang Foundation as we strive to limit our plastic use and recycle more! The children have already had their mini ‘Earth Day’ and are looking forward to the next few weeks of this topic. Throughout the year, the children learn to express themselves through Music and Movement which builds their confidence and encourages their English language use. All the Maples love this form of expression and the classroom is always filled with laughter and a sense of joy when they all come together, singing favourite songs as well as learning new ones all the while accompanying themselves with instruments and dance! It has been a marvelous second term thus far, with even more fun yet to come! Keep up the fantastic work Maples!


Hello Everyone! What a busy and fun packed second term we have had thus far! Many different themes were introduced to the Palm Class since January; In the Garden, Chinese New Year, Health and Hygiene, Book Week, Community Helpers and Earth Week! Through each theme the children explored, investigated, tackled and conquered daily activities – independently, in small groups and as a whole class. Our garden topic led us to explore minibeasts and their habitats where we learnt about bees, caterpillars, butterflies and more. Everyone took part in the activities with great joy and had lots of fun collecting honey for our hives and creating bug hats! We then celebrated Chinese New Year through our Cooking Class as we made delicious vegetable spring rolls! Shortly after, we moved on to ‘Health and Hygiene’ where the Palms took pleasure and showed great pride in cleaning their classroom! With the help of ‘Sherm the Germ’ and various experiments using bread and apples, the Palms learnt how easily and quickly germs spread. To wrap things up, we learnt how to best eliminate germs by making our own scented soap and practising washing our hands for at least 30 seconds! One of the most popular topics was ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ for our Book Week celebration. The children continue to talk about Charlie to this very day! As we navigated our way through each scene of the story, the children became familiar with each character and the marvelous creations that came out from the factory. The Palms took part in tasting, fizzing and mixing experiments as they took on the role of Willy Wonka; to make this even more exciting, we created fabulous hats, bow ties and tasty sweets! Overall, we learnt the moral of the story, ‘being nice gets you much further in the world’!! We then swiftly moved on to a new theme, ‘Community Helpers’ and learnt the importance of the following roles rubbish collectors, zookeepers, travel agents and scientists. Each week saw the Palm Class create a new role play scenario from booking holidays, making things erupt, taking care of animals and recycling. We celebrated our learning by boarding Palm Airlines and took a trip around a Safari and South East Asia and then celebrated with the whole school at our wonderful International Day! For the last couple of weeks to the present, we celebrated ‘Earth Week’ and started to learn about how to protect our oceans! During this time, we are taking part in a friendly class competition of who could collect the most plastic. The Palm Class learnt about conserving water and energy and we practise brushing our teeth every day and remind ourselves to turn the tap off while doing so. We look forward to celebrating the children’s learning at our charity event to ‘Save the Seas’!  As the Palms are a close-knit bunch, it was fun to introduce our ‘Good Morning’ wall upon our return from the holiday break where everyone was very happy to give a hug, high-five, handshake or fist bump to their friend each morning. Also, throughout the term, with the help of ‘Sammy the Snake’ and ‘Inky the Mouse’, we have continued following the Jolly Phonics programme and enjoyed learning a new sound(s) each week. This programme has helped the Palms become more familiar with letters which has extended their vocabulary, help them to spell their names and practise their pronunciation and formation! For Numeracy, we continue to focus on numbers 1-10 and most activities have been related to each weekly topic, for example, counting teeth and putting them in order during ‘Health and Hygiene’, sorting colours using chopsticks during our ‘Chinese New Year’ topic and working on our simple sums using the math machine throughout each week. The Palms have enjoyed exploring each activity and now demonstrate a good and strong understanding of the value of the numbers. It has been a fabulous second term thus far, well done Palms! Just a few more weeks to go and a lot more to conquer!


Hi Hampton Families! We are having a fantastic Term 2 in Oak Class where it is has been and continues to be an exciting time to see the children further their learning and continue to grow. So far, the children have enjoyed their learning through many exciting themes and topics that have included ‘Minibeasts and Gardens’, ‘Health and Hygiene’, ‘Community Helpers’, and at the moment, ‘Keeping our Oceans Clean’! One of the most exciting themes that the children enjoyed was our ‘Book Week’ topic where the Oak’s focused on the story ‘The Wizard of Oz’. They took a real liking to the characters in the book and were thrilled to follow them on their journey down the yellow brick road to see where it would take them. Activities are often centred round these themes which involve crafts and games but also go through to the more academic side with our Literacy, Numeracy and World Investigation subjects. This is where the children have shown a vast amount of growth with their reading and writing skills. Words and letters are carefully broken down and analysed before being spoken. There is a focus to the Oak’s writing that show’s care when forming letters and accuracy to make sure sentences are written well and on the line. The children independently take on these tasks and show their commitment at wanting to develop their skills and strive for success each and every day. In Numeracy, the children have enjoyed tackling the concept of time and being able to tell it; keenly pointing out when it is time for certain activities to begin by looking at our classroom clock! Numicon continues to be a driving force in pushing the children’s learning with numbers and has allowed a level of experimentation that has been greeted joyously and rewarded with a more thorough knowledge of numbers. Our weekly World Investigaton times allows for the children to dive deeper into their inquisitive natures. Questions are asked, experiments are performed, and conclusions are drawn, often with further investigations needing to occur! The Oak Class is working hard together for our Ocean Charity Project with Precious Plastic and The Sang Foundation. As we head into the final part of the year, the children are focused to help protect our oceans by collecting plastic and doing their part in limiting their plastic use. This is a challenge that they are taking on with great enthusiasm and have shown that they have empathy and urgency in doing their part to make the ocean a better place. The children have taken on their responsibilities of being in Kindergarten 2 exceptionally well and are showing all the right behaviours of being ready for the next step on their education journey, Year 1! In the remaining weeks, the children will continue to build on their existing knowledge and strive for excellence while enjoying their time with their friends. Keep up the excellent work Oaks!

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