Newsletter, Garden Campus, 27th September 2019

Newsletter, Garden Campus, 27th September 2019

Dear Hampton Parents,

Starting the week with a flooded garden and ending it with a sunny weather, and a garden occupied by Pirates!!! Just WOW! All the hard work was definitely acknowledged by Mother Nature! Thank you all for coming and being part of this adventure, Rrrrrr!!! Each class worked super hard on their performance and all the art/props that helped us to transform the garden into a large scale treasure map. What a talented bunch of Pirates we have in Hampton! And how quickly they found all the golden coins hidden in the treasure hunt area! Not mentioning their super-duper balancing skills when walking the plank or playing Coconut Shy!

I would like to kindly remind you about Parents’ Meetings which will take place 7th-11th October. Please sign up using a sign-up sheet displayed outside each classroom. If you can’t make it during that time we are happy to find a convenient time for you.

I wish you a happy weekend, Rrrrr!!!

Miss Ania

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