Newsletter, Garden Campus, 13th September 2019

Newsletter, Garden Campus, 13th September 2019

Dear Hampton Parents,

What a happy and eventful week behind us! Just thinking about all the fun things we did in the past few days make me smile. WOW!

The farm pond has finally got its very own inhabitants. A few fish got released in it on Wednesday morning by Year 1. All the students were very excited to see them! On Friday morning we were surprised to find out that there are numbers of frogs’ eggs in there too! This will help all the classes to learn about a life cycle of a frog.

Our younger helpers from Nursery make sure that all the plants on the farm get enough water and all the leaves are collected. K2 was busy planting and K1 made some decorations for the farm out of bamboo, natural strings and dried fruits from one of the Hampton trees.

On Friday we hosted our special visitors from the Christian Care Foundation. We all enjoyed a picnic in the garden, parachute games and all the other facilities across the garden.

I hope you all found a leaflet in your child’s bag regarding Mindfulness Workshop next Friday, 20th September.

I wish you a very happy weekend,

Miss Ania

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