Newsletter (Chaengwattana) 15 Feb 2019

Newsletter (Chaengwattana) 15 Feb 2019

Dear Parents,

This week all the classes started their planting activities.

Nursery have planted cucumber seeds, K1 learned about corn life cycle followed by planting seeds and K2 has started a mini grass planation.

We do hope that soon after half-term break we will be able to transfer all the sprouts to our vegetable garden.

Midway this week we hosted special guests from the Rainbow House, rehabilitation centre for children.

They really enjoyed our outdoor area and will be returning sometime soon for a second visit.

Hampton students showed their best manners and kind nature. We are hoping that this will be an ongoing co-operation between both schools and will allow our students to understand more about disabilities.

We can now confirm the date for delayed Sports Day.

It will happen on the 26th February.

Next week’s half term break will give you plenty of time to get fit and ready for some active fun together with your child!

Have a fantastic half-term break!

Miss Ania

Special Dates to Remember

  • 8th March –Book Day
  • 11th-15th March-Parents Meetings
  • 15th March– School photo

Important Notices

Half term-break: 18th-22nd February


18th February-Mian Tuan(N2)

Nursery 2

Dear parents

Our topic for the week was ‘Backyard Garden’. We learnt about different kinds of plants that grow in our garden and the activities that we can do in the garden such as planting, playing football and sweeping leaves. We explored different kinds of vegetables with our five senses. We smelled bell pepper, felt the texture of corn, tasted carrots and listened to the crunchy sounds as we chewed them. The children were amazed by how important our senses are to us. We also learnt about parts of plants and their functions, and types of vegetables that grow above ground and underground.

In gardening class, the children planted cucumber seeds whilst learning about importance of soil, water and sunlight for plants to grow.

In Math, we are continuing to practice counting and recognising numbers through activities such as grocery shopping and getting ingredients for cooking. We also practiced recognising shapes and measure using different vegetables.

In art, the children painted using carrots, corn and pepper. They also painted whilst being blindfolded to learn about the importance of our sense of sight. In phonics, we looked at pictures of animals and things that have the same initial sound such as garden, grass, grasshopper, goat, and gecko and so on.

We hope you all have a wonderful half-term break!

Mr. Sangtea, Miss Jas and Miss Jezeil

Kindergarten 1

Dear Parents,

This week K1 was learning about corn and its life cycle. We started the week by exploring shape, colour and texture of a fresh corn. K1 used it in the art and malleable area to see that natural objects like corn can leave interesting marks/prints on paper and playdough.

We learned vocabulary such as corn kernel, corn sprout and corn stalk. We were amazed to discover that dry corn kernels turn into popcorn once heated up. It was so much fun to observe them popping using our popcorn machine! We loved eating it and also using it to create art pieces.

This week each of us brought a toy/puppet from home that we used for storytelling. Our story started “Once upon a time there was a pirate ship…”. It had a happy ending and even involved a Peppa Pig!

During Phonics we practiced clapping syllables in words, such as magnifying and umbrella. We also traced letter cards with corn kernels.

In Maths we were learning about length, using playdough. We formed caterpillars which helped us to understand how length can change and practiced vocabulary: shorter/longer and more/less.

We wish you a happy half-term break,

Miss Ania and Miss Ryng

Kindergarten 2

Dear Parents,

We had a ’green’ week this week in K2 – planting grass seeds! We’re getting excited, ready to observe and record any changes as the seeds grow.

We had two new sounds in Phonics this week ( /ee/ and /or/ ) – we worked so hard! Our focus words were…  or  for  see more  three. We used them in sentences that included adjectives – K2 amazed me again with their great ideas and wonderful writing!

In Art, we again used grass seeds to design and make some funny ‘Grass-heads’! When the grass starts to grow, they will have amazing green hair!

We enjoyed our weekly session of Buddy Reading with our friends in K1, sharing our books with a different audience.

In Maths we investigated sequences and patterns as well as revising our ‘doubles’ to 10, adding equal numbers of black and white sheep.

Enjoy the half-term break!

Best wishes

Mr.Phil, Miss April & Miss Ritchel