Newsletter, Chaengwattana Campus, 6th June 2019

Newsletter, Chaengwattana Campus, 6th June 2019

Dear Parents,

Thank you all for coming to Hampton Royal Tea Party this morning.

It is really hard to summarise the past ten months in a few words.

Ten months for us grown-ups seem to be like a blink of an eye whereas for your child is a milestone!

A few centimeters taller, wiser, more independent, asking more questions (“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think”) and more confident.

Today was about celebrating the many successes which your child achieved in the past academic year.

This wouldn’t have happened without the support of Hampton team, all the teachers, TAs, office staff but also you who have trusted us with your child’s learning journey.

As an educator first, I supposed to be the one who teaches but in reality, you and your children taught me just as much, how to be a leader, be willing to take a risk, be mindful, creative, and be yourself.

I will continue to do my best and I’m looking forward to the next academic year and all the exciting plans that go with it!

Keep inspiring us!!!

Have a wonderful summer break!

See you in August.

Miss Ania

Special Dates to remember

Summer School 1-10th June-28th June

Summer School 2-1st July-19th July

Birthdays to celebrate

9th June-Ploy Sai (N2)

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