Newsletter, Chaengwattana Campus, 31st May 2019

Newsletter, Chaengwattana Campus, 31st May 2019

Dear Parents,

Only a few days ahead of us before this academic year will reach its end.

All the classes are regularly rehearsing for their final show and talking about their outfits and party games.

I hope that parents are also preparing their Ascot inspired fancy hats and will surprise us with some gorgeous looks.

This week K2 went on the educational trip to Kidzenia.

They were super excited about getting on the big bus.

They definitely felt super grown-up when they waved goodbye to mummies and daddies, and school staff.

They came back tired but fulfilled with stories to tell about their experiences.

Half way through the week we were visited by another special guest, a police officer.

All the students were amazed to see that he arrived in his big police car, with a siren and a police radio.

K2 definitely enjoyed using a radio.

One of them even shouted out “Miss Ritchel, you’re under arrest!”

Have a lovely long weekend,

Miss Ania

Special dates to remember

3rd June, H.M. Queen Suthida’a Birthday-school closed

6th June-End of Year Party-Royal Tea Party, early dismissal, 12pm

Summer School 1-10th June-28th June

Summer School 2-1st July-19th July

Birthdays to celebrate next week

5th June-Nita (K2)

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