Newsletter, Chaengwattana Campus, 26th April 2019

Newsletter, Chaengwattana Campus, 26th April 2019

Dear Parents,

This week at Hampton we went along with Earth Day Celebrations across the globe.

At Hampton we believe that Earth Day is Every Day and those yearly celebrations only mark what we want our students to acknowledge.

We want them to remember that “This is the only home we have”.

This year’s theme is “Protect our Species”.

Thousands of young students in countries like UK, Sweden, Japan and France started striking from school over climate change.

We want to support them in this fight.

We want to bring awareness, knowledge, and most of all, a happy future, where your children will be able to see a giraffe, a polar bear and a whale in their natural habitats, and to have a possibility to swim in the sea free of plastic pollution.

Thank you for joining us this morning for our Earth Day celebrations.

I hope you enjoyed all the activities and the projecting room where you could see your children involved in activities inspired by nature, using natural resources as part of Reggio Emilia approach.

Protect Planet Earth!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Ania

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1st may-Labour Day-school closed

6th May-Coronation Day-school closed

17th May-teacher’s portfolio day-no school

20th May-Visakha Bucha-no school


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