Newsletter (Chaengwattana) 5th April 2019

Newsletter (Chaengwattana) 5th April 2019

Dear Parents,

What a vibrant week we had!

Fulfilled with lots of fun and creative activities.

K2 surprised us all by throwing a puppet show on Friday afternoon.

Some of the K2 students were so excited about it that they spread a rumor about pre-sale tickets worth 1000 bht!

Wow K2, you can count up to 1,000!

And thank you for inviting us all to this special event.

K1 was thrilled to observe their sunflowers sprouting.

They can’t wait to see them blossom sometime in the future.

Nursery 2 exercised their face muscles whilst making funny faces when trying different fruits, yummm!

All the students are getting very excited about next week’s splash play.

It will happen on Thursday, 11th April (please check your child’ communication book for all the details).

And if you are not going away for a long weekend please join us tomorrow for an Open House at 9:30 am.

I wish you a lovely weekend,

Miss Ania

Special dates to remember:

11th April-Songkran Assembly, early dismissal (12 pm)

12th April-school closed (Songkran holiday)

15th-19th April-half-term break

26th April-Earth Day Assembly

Nursery 2 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

This week in N2, our topic was ‘Fruits’. We explored varieties of fruits with our senses.

The children got to see, smell, feel and taste different kinds of fruits.

We were impressed that they knew the names of so many fruits and what they taste like.

We learnt new vocabulary such as ‘sour’ by tasting green mangoes, ‘spiky’ by feeling the texture of a rambutan, and ‘crunchy’ by tasting rose apples.

We also learnt about fruits that need to be peeled and fruits that can be eaten with the skin on.

Needless to say, the children were very excited each morning as we’re about to start circle time and often asked which fruit we’ll be observing on that day!

In Math, we practiced counting and recognising numbers through activities such as going fruit shopping and counting how many items are in the shopping basket.

We also identified the shapes of different kinds of fruits and sorted them according to their sizes.

In phonics, we looked at pictures of different kinds of fruits and practiced saying their names and listening for the beginning sound for each fruit such as ‘b’ sound for banana and ‘w’ sound for watermelon.

In art, the children identified the colour of real fruits we observed such as red for rose apple, purple for mangosteen etc.

We used these fruits and colours to create prints on paper.

The children also made their own apple trees out of cardboard cut outs and tissue rolls.

They enjoyed painting the cardboards and counting how many apples (red pom poms) they stuck on their trees.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Mr. Sangtea, Miss Jas and Miss Jezeil

K1 Newsletter

Dear Parents,
This week’s theme was “Sunflowers”. Our week was as happy and bright as these flowers are.

We started the week with a gardening activity. We planted our own sunflowers.

On Friday we could already observe them sprouting, hooray!

This did only take a few days. I have to say, K1 was very caring towards their plants, making sure they get enough water and sun.

We learned about parts of flowers, practicing vocabulary such as petal, stem and roots.

Our interest tray became a garden for play mini beasts.

Once again we discussed those that we can see in the school garden but also the ones that don’t appear as often or at all such as slugs, wood louses and scorpions.

We used our observational skills to paint “Sunflowers” by Vincent van Gogh.

We also had lots of fun painting/printing sunflowers using forks.

We started to practice how to be mindful through number of activities (we do it every day after lunch), using our breath, simple mediation and smelling lovely essential oils.

During maths we practiced using our steps or jumps to measure distances.

It wasn’t easy! We will practice more.

In Phonics we got to know the new sound /r/ and we played “Target sounds” using voice sounds cards.

K1 was really good at it! Well done!

Have a wonderful weekend,
Miss Ania and Miss Ryng

K2 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

This week in K2 was very dramatic – our theme was Music & Theatre!

We had lots of fun re-telling the story of ‘The Tortoise & The Hare’ using our puppet theatre and puppets that we made ourselves.

After some practice we decided to invite everyone at Hampton to come and enjoy the show today AND some yummy popcorn!

In Literacy, our phonic sound was /y/ and our high-frequency words were – you yes your grey.

The children continue to excel every week in our Spelling Quiz and we are all using our new words to create sentences – well done, K2!

In Maths, we investigated patterns and sequences, again linking with our theme to make music using repeating sequences of animal noises.

Our Art work concentrated on making different types of puppets for our performance as well as the props we needed.

On our Discovery Table were a variety of objects and materials that the children investigated to find what different sounds they could make.

Have a super weekend,

Mr.Phil, Miss April & Miss Ritchel