Dear Parents,

International Day, International School, International Week!

And what a lovely and busy week that was!

All the children worked super hard on all the decorations that become part of a country each class was representing.

Apart from that they spent hours on rehearsing their songs, poems and dances which we hope you enjoyed watching this morning.

As an international pre-school, at Hampton we welcome students of different nationalities such as British, Israeli, Chinese, American and Korean.

We believe that we are all equal but our different backgrounds and cultures allowing us to teach our students about integrity, respect and diversity.

And as Dr Mark Williamson once said:

This International Day is more than just a fun celebration; it also reminds us all that the world is a better place when we connect with and care about the people around us”.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Ania

Nursery 2

Dear parents,

We hope you all enjoyed the dance performance by Nursery 2 students.

They’ve been practicing hard all week to show it to you all!

This week, we studied about animals who come from Mexico such as the camicostl and Mexican prairie dogs.

The children were especially amazed by the “water monster” called the axolotl.

They described the appearance of the creature as a “pretty monster”!

We also learnt about the weather in Mexico and the different trees and plants that grow in the country.

In Math, we practiced counting and recognising numbers 1-10 using pictures of tacos.

We also practiced counting whilst tidying up the toys after choosing time.

I phonics, we continued to practice recalling words that starts with ‘m’ and the children learnt a lot of new vocabularies such as manatee and manta ray and so on.

In art, the children worked as a group to make a Mexican guitar.

They also made individual art works inspired by the Mexican sun.

We hope you all have a good weekend!

Mr. Sangtea, Miss Jas and Miss Jezeil

Kindergarten 1

Dear Parents,

This week K1 spent a lot of time preparing for International Day.

We continued exploring Dutch culture.

K1 learned that in Holland there are hundreds of fields covered with colourful tulips.

During show and tell time K1 shred their homework with their friends highlighting that besides tulips in Holland we can also admire sunflowers, flower bulbs, daisies and buttercups.

We learned that spring time, around end of March, is the best time to observe those flowers blossoming.

K1 also watched a short documentary about Dutch Market.

Children learned that cheeses like Edam and Gouda are produced in Holland and they are named after famous cities.

In the art corner K1 decorated clogs, painted flag of Netherlands and once again did observational painting, inspired by a work of Vincent van Gogh.

This time K1 painted a famous painting “Sunflowers”.

Our interest tray was filled up with soil, flowers, flower pots and shovels for children to enjoy and develop gardening skills.

We also used a food dye to inject white flowers with some vibrant colours.

In Phonics class we learned about the sound /e/.

We also looked for sounds we are already familiar with in the classroom surrounding.

In Maths K1 was using everyday language to talk about shape and position.

Children enjoyed creating pictures from a variety of coloured shapes.

Teachers encouraged them to build a picture, talking about the shapes and patterns that they make.

And of course, we spent lots of time rehearsing for International Day assembly!

Dank je Holland!!!

Have a good weekend,
Miss Ania and Miss Ryng

Kindergarten 2

Dear Parents,

This week K2 have been busy collecting more information about the U.S.A. as well as preparing for today’s International Day celebrations!

We hope you all enjoyed our ‘Line Dancing’ as well as appreciating all the hard work the children put in to create our USA corner in the Garden!

I also completed all the K2 parent meetings this week, and I would like to thank you all for your encouragement and positive comments during our chats.

I am so proud for all the children and the amazing progress they have made in K2 so far – well done, everybody!

In Literacy this week our phonic sound was /v/ and the children had lots of fun in Art producing a Volcano in a bag!

They loved making the lava erupt and arranging it in their own individual way.

Our focus words in K2 are drawn from the National Curriculum High Frequency list and this week were – eleven twelve very live.

Best Wishes for a happy weekend,
Mr.Phil, Miss April & Miss Ritchel