Newsletter, 6th September 2019, Garden Campus

Newsletter, 6th September 2019, Garden Campus

Dear Parents,

A gloomy, rainy, pretty dull week behind us…but that’s only the weather! Hampton Team and Hampton students don’t get put off so easily by the weather conditions! This only inspires us to do more fun things!

In the beginning of the week Year 1 worked really hard on the farm building a pond! It looks amazing. We will definitely improve its look and we are looking forward to have some fish and turtles inside it. Children are already thinking about names for them!

A sad looking garden wall (farm side) was jazzed up by our little artists. We definitely have a few very talented street art artists growing under our roof!

K2 was visited by a dentist who was talking to the students about the importance of looking after their teeth.

Next Friday, 13th September we will be hosting special guests from Rainbow House. We believe this will help our students to learn more about empathy and integrity.

I wish you a lovely weekend,

Miss Ania

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