Interviewing Jannie Claassen

Interviewing Jannie Claassen

It is with great eagerness and enthusiasm that I introduce myself to the growing Hampton Family;

I, Mr. Jannie Claassen (Mr. Jannie), am honoured to be the new Year 1 Redwood Class teacher for the 2019/2020 academic year.

I am a registered Primary School Educator who holds a high degree in Education.

I moved to Thailand from my native country, South Africa, more than 2 years ago and have been teaching in Koh Samui since.

I look forward to getting to know each of you while embarking on an adventure in learning with your child.

Education is power and my passion as an educator is to empower children to be the best they can be!

I teach and lead by example, I never stop learning and being inspired to learn more and I come with new energy and ideas to implement in the Redwood Class.


A little about me

I love the outdoors and strive to run, cycle or swim each day!

I have my own exercise website and app which I consider to be one of my most recent successful achievements.

Integrating movement into the classroom is a fantastic way to energise and excite all areas of learning.

I love to cook, bake and experiment with different foods and recipes.

I believe in doing my part to take care of our Earth; from kindness with animals and nature to saving electricity when I can.

My much-loved hangout places are bookstores, coffee shops and nurseries.

Life for me is a continuous adventure, filled with surprises and ever changing and challenging situations which keeps me motivated.

I love observing and capturing the life going on around me and never leave my home without my notebook, pen and camera!


For those of you who may wonder if I am a great teacher, my answer is “great teachers are as different as the students they teach”!

Educating your child(ren) for me is more than learning to read, write or solve arithmetic equations.

It is the ability to instil in them a deep respect, understanding and knowledge of the world around them and the ‘world’ within them so that the world can be a better place for all.

In so doing, I instil a value system that invites and celebrates differences and diversity.


Every child is unique, and as your child’s educator, I aim to see and understand learning through the eyes of your child and to promote collective belonging.

One of my roles is to support your child in one of the most important years of his/her school career and build upon your child’s solid foundation of learning and life skills to ensure further success in his/her learning journey.

This can best be achieved with close collaboration with myself, the Hampton Teaching Team, and you, the parents!


In the classroom, I will strive to establish a learning environment that is learner-centred, celebrates diversity, harmoniously collaborative, interactive, balanced, focused, promotes positive inter-dependence and is kind, respectful and patient to all.

The Redwood Class is about the children, a place where they will be a part of the bigger community and can grow confident in becoming independent participants in society.


In the Year 1 Redwood Class, we will build trusting relationships between parents, children and teachers, in order to create a safe, positive and productive path on the new adventurous learning experiences that are soon to come.

I look forward to meeting the Hampton Community soon!