Our Teachers

Our International Teachers

Our international teachers are what makes our preschool the warm and homely place. We know not only the children in our own classes, but the parents and children in every class.


We are passionate about early childhood education and we work closely with parents in order to create a partnership to ensure that we have close home and school connections.


We are committed to providing a safe, healthy and stimulating environment where children can explore with confidence.


When you visit Hampton International School, we are sure you will be welcomed by our great teachers.

Teacher-Student Ratio

To ensure the best care for our students, we are the only international preschool in Sathorn and Chaengwattana that keeps its class size small and have at least 2 qualified educators for each class.

Nursery 11:5 (Max 16 Students)1 Teacher and 2 or 3 TA
Nursery 21:6 (Max 18 Students)1 Teacher and 2 TA
Kindergarten 11:7 (Max 20 Students)1 Teacher and 1 TA
Kindergarten 21:10 (Max 22 Students)1 Teacher and 1 TA
Year 11:10 (Max 22 Students)1 Teacher and 1 TA

Leadership Team


Born and raised in Rocky River, Ohio, U.S.A., Erin has a Master’s Degree in International Education. Her teaching career began in the small town of Athens, Ohio. Throughout her 12 years abroad (Germany, China, the Philippines and Thailand) working with all ages of students, she discovered her true passion lies in teaching and inspiring young children.

Miss Erin Burney

Head of School (Sathorn)

Ania has over 13 years of experience across eco-schools, Montessori, Reggio Emilia and early years’ centres teaching young children in the UK, Indonesia and Thailand. She enjoys spending free time with friends and family, visit art galleries, travel, scuba dive and being mindful about the environment.

Miss Ania Wypijewska

Head of School (Chaengwattana)

Brad graduated from Liverpool University with a BA (hons) in Special Education. He taught in both mainstream and special schools before moving to South Korea, eventually settling in Thailand since 2008. He has a wealth of experience across Primary education, especially Key Stage 1.

Mr Bradley Thomas Welsh

Head of Primary School (Chaengwattana)


Mr Nic

He brings a relaxed, playful and engaging persona to the classroom and endeavors to stimulate and encourage the children.

Mr Nic

Nursery 1 (Sathorn)

Miss Aizel joined the Hampton Teaching Team in 2016 and has since brought a lot of care, patience and creativity to our school.

Miss Aizel

Nursery 1 (Sathorn)

Miss Tukta is a new member to the Hampton Teaching Team; her positive attitude, calm nature and bright smile is a comfort to all children

Miss Tukta

Nursery 1 (Sathorn)

Miss Ice joined Hampton for the 2018/2019 academic year as part of her training programme to work as an Au Pair abroad. She has been an excellent addition to the Hampton Teaching Team.

Miss Ice

Nursery 1 (Sathorn)
Ms Mandy

A teacher for over 15 years with a wealth of knowledge to share, a witty and active personality that keeps the classroom energetic and a kind and compassionate heart for all children who walk through her classroom gate.

Miss Mandy

Nursery 2 (Sathorn)

Miss Gina has an infectious laugh and an incredibly caring heart; she can often be found laughing as she plays with the children in the garden.

Miss Gina

Nursery 2 (Sathorn)

Miss Mary is very helpful, artistic and compassionate; she encourages our children to be as creative as possible in all areas of our environment.

Miss Mary

Nursery 2 (Sathorn)
Ms Amy

The ever so passionate, dedicated and fun teacher who brings smiles to every child's face through her creative ideas and unique classroom experiences.

Miss Amy

Kindergarten 1 (Sathorn)

Miss Nate takes great pride in caring for the children; she enjoys seeing them grow and conquer challenges.

Miss Nate

Kindergarten 1 (Sathorn)

Miss Jen is very compassionate, dedicated and hard working. She loves seeing the children's faces when they arrive to her always very colourfully decorated classroom!

Miss Jen

Kindergarten 1 (Sathorn)
Mr Ben

The newest member to the growing Hampton Teaching Team who instantly won over the hearts of the children with his calm, sincere, caring and sporty personality.

Mr Ben

Kindergarten 2 (Sathorn)

Miss Ivy came to Hampton with experience in working in international school's and has been such a fabulous role model for our eldest children in the school.

Miss Ivy

Kindergarten 2 (Sathorn)

My name is Jannie Claassen and I'm a registered Primary School Educator who holds a high degree in Education. I love the outdoors and strive to run, cycle or swim each day!

Mr Jannie

Year 1 (Sathorn)
Mr Sangtea

My name is Sangtea and I'm the Nursery 2 teacher. I enjoy being creative with my lesson plans to provide a fun and educational classes to the students. In my spare time, I enjoy reading and creating tactile art. I also love going on adventures in nature.

Mr Sangtea

Nursery 2 (Chaengwattana)
Miss Jezeil

Hi, I’m Jezeil. Children and art activities are the things that interests me the most. Working with children made me learn the different ways on how children gain knowledge. I look forward to having an opportunity to assist them in their learning pathway as part of my professional development.

Miss Jezeil

Nursery 2 (Chaengwattana)

Hi, I’m Jas and I’m from Philippines. I have been a TA in Hampton for 3 years. I enjoy the feeling of satisfaction as a result of my hard work. I can see a reflection of my work in children’s growing confidence. Our days are always very busy, but there is always something that put a smile on your face, then you know, it’s worth it.

Miss Jas

Nursery 2 (Chaengwattana)

One of the most important educational purposes is classroom management, and as nearly 3 years of working with Hampton that’s where my focus is on. Excellent preparation and organization skills together with creativity and a very good working relationship with the children, parents and my colleagues never fail me to fulfill my duties.

Miss Ryng

Kindergarten 1 (Chaengwattana)
Mr Phil

Hi, my name is Phil. I’m from Great Britain and I have been teaching K2 at Hampton for 3
years. I enjoy the caring and nurturing atmosphere at the school. At home I like cooking and
keeping fit.

Mr Phil

Kindergarten 2 (Chaengwattana)

Hi, my name is April and I’m from Philippines. I love the fact that every day in Hampton is different and challenging; you can’t get bored with children. The joy of being able to help them become more confident in themselves and make progress in their work makes being a teacher assistant fulfilling.

Miss April

Kindergarten 2 (Chaengwattana)

Hi, I’m Ritchel. I’ve been working in Hampton for 4 years. I enjoy preparing stimulating
environment for our students based on a weekly planning. I form good relationships with
children, parents and my colleagues. I have been working with children with special
educational needs, making sure they are safe and happy.

Miss Ritchel

Kindergarten 2 (Chaengwattana)
Miss Wan

Hi, my name is Wan and I’ve been working at Hampton for 4 years. I am currently a Thai
teacher. I also assist the head of school and other teachers. I really enjoy working in
Hampton, with such a great environment and colleagues. I love reading books and watch
series as a hobby.

Miss Wan

Thai Teacher (Chaengwattana)


Ms. Pik Thai Class

Ms. Pik visits each class twice a week to teach the children simple greetings, conversation, letters, numbers, colours and even writing in Thai! Her lessons are fun, interactive and very creative!

Ms Pik

Thai Class (Sathorn)
Mr. Sunny Music Class

Mr. Sunny is easily a school favourite as he makes the children dance, sing and giggle in absolute delight through his love for music and movement.

Mr. Sunny

Music Class (Sathorn)
Coach Paul Cuki Tots Football Class

Wednesday's at Hampton Sathorn are extra special as Coach Paul teaches each class football skills through imaginative, and often quite silly, games!

Coach Paul

Football Class (Sathorn)

Mr. Jason visits each class and enables our children to explore their imaginations by going on creative adventures which encourages the use of body movements, language and facial expressions to tell a story.

Mr. Jason

Drama Class (Sathorn)

Every week our children's balance, strength, agility and flexibility is put to the test by the enthusiastic and comical Power Kids Gym team!

Coach Jet

Power Kids Gym Class (Sathorn)
Ms. PIk Art Class

Ms. Pik brings colour, fun and creativity to our children each week through exploratory arts and crafts.

Ms Pik

Art Class (Sathorn)

Our children look forward to getting their hands messy with Ms. Pennee as they design and create something special to take home each week.

Ms. Pennee

DIY Class (Sathorn)

Ni hao! Learning Chinese is a unique opportunity for our children to take part in. They enjoy exploring the language through new songs, stories and games each week!

Ms. Dan

Chinese Class (Sathorn)
Ms. Jejee and Ms. Bell Cooking Class

Scooping, rolling, mixing, cutting, creating ... just a few yummy things our little chefs do with Ms. Jejee and Ms. Bell

Ms. Jejee and Ms. Bell

Cooking Class (Sathorn)

Each week our K1, K2 and Y1 classes enjoy tackling new skills and games as they practise tennis in the garden!

Coach Jed and Coach Mim

Tennis Class (Sathorn)

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