Newsletter (Sathorn) 15 Feb 2019

Newsletter (Sathorn) 15 Feb 2019

Dear Hampton Families,

For the last two week’s the whole school has explored a new topic, ‘Health and Hygiene’.

Hands have been washed, teeth have been brushed, toys have been scrubbed, healthy foods have been eaten and exercises have been performed.

Our children greatly enjoyed this theme as it gave them a chance to tangibly and physically participate in their classroom learning.

It was so lovely to see our Nursery 1 Daisy Class taking turns to squirt soap onto their friend’s hands before washing, the Nursery 2 Maple Class gently placing their hand on their friend’s heart to feel it beating, the Kindergarten 1 Palm Class taking pride in cleaning up their classroom to rid it of any germs and the Kindergarten 2 children learning about the different food groups and why we should eat more of some and less of others.

We hope that the children have come home over these past two weeks and shared with you some new facts, routines or interests as a result!

Unfortunately, we couldn’t celebrate our ‘healthy hearts’ at Sports Day, but we will soon do so all together once the weather and air quality improve.

It is very important that our children, and families, remain happy and healthy!

Once we return from half-term break a new Sports Day date will be announced; we already cannot wait to celebrate with you!

It is hard to believe that our half-term break has arrived!

Time flies when you’re having fun … which means at Hampton … time ZOOMS!

It is incredible to reflect on where the children were in August … compared to January … compared to now!

We certainly have a confident, independent, outgoing and active bunch and we could not be prouder of our children.

Recently, a visitor stopped by Hampton and while walking around the school she was greeted with joyous “hello’s” and even some very enthusiastic story sharing.

This visitor was so incredible impressed with our children’s confidence and politeness!

Each teacher and member of staff agrees that we have such a special group of children and we are eager for all that is yet to come in the 2018/2019 academic year!

When we return to school on the 25th of February, it’s all about the children’s favourite books and stories!

Role-plays, collaborative and imaginative activities and presentations … oh my! More adventures [always] await!

I wish you all a safe, relaxing and healthy half-term holiday. I look forward to hearing your holiday tales.

Best wishes,

Ms. Erin Burney

Head of School