Newsletter (Sathorn) 8 Feb 2019

Newsletter (Sathorn) 8 Feb 2019

Dear Hampton Families,

Happy Year of the Pig!

We were very saddened to have to cancel our event due to school closures in Bangkok, however, the children still enjoyed some piggy fun on the playground on Monday 4th February!

We wish all our families a very Happy Chinese New Year.

We have started off the month of February with a new school-wide theme for the children, ‘Health and Hygiene’!

We are celebrating our healthy hearts, minds and bodies through unique and exciting classroom (inside and outside) activities!

The Nursery 1 Daisy Class has been making bubbles as they sing ‘Wash your Dirty Hands’ while washing their own hands and proudly showed off pictures of themselves brushing their teeth and washing their hands at home (thank you parents for sending these in!).

Next door in the Nursery 2 Maple Class, the children have built a giant fruit and vegetable basket, made a rainbow collage of healthy foods and have even performed a science experiment with carrots, pineapple and bok choy!

Upstairs in the Kindergarten 1 Palm Class, the children have willingly taken complete responsibility for cleaning their own classroom to protect themselves from ‘Sherm the Germ’ who has visited the class and taught the children the importance of being clean and tidy with our environments and ourselves – the Palms even made their own soap!

Next door to the Palms, the Kindergarten 2 Oaks, have been extremely motivated to brush their teeth thoroughly after snack and lunch after they performed an experiment with a Coca Cola soaked hard-boiled egg.

They have also discussed what foods are good for our teeth and which are not.

Each class also enjoyed a special Gardening Class where taking care of our gardens and Earth was emphasized through various planting activities and experiments.

What better way to celebrate our healthy hearts than with Sport’s Day!

We look forward to exercising and having fun with you and your family on Friday 15th February from 9:00-10:00am at Polo Football Park.

Please come dressed in your child’s class’ colour team and cheer on the children of Hampton in the active, challenging and exciting games that Cuki Tots and Coach Paul will have for us all.

With our thankful hearts, Hampton visited The Mahamek Home for Boys last week to deliver all the extremely generous donations that were so graciously given to us by the Hampton community; thank you again.

Unfortunately, the children were away at school during the visit, but Hampton has established a lasting relationship with The Mahamek Home for Boys, and we plan to arrange another visit where we can enjoy some time with those whom we have donated to.

I will keep you informed of when this will occur as many of you have expressed interest in joining in our charity efforts.

Thank you from The Hampton Team and The Mahamek Home for Boys.

Wishing you a lovely and healthy weekend,
Ms. Erin Burney
Head of School