Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) frame work and the Reggio Emilia approach and adapted to suit the needs of our learners in an international environment. We provides an ideals and homely environment for your chid to grow, and develop in an atmosphere of warmth, security and care. In this safe environment your child will flourish and will be encouraged to learn through play and given every opportunity to reach their full potential at their own pace. EYFS children have specialist teaching in PE, Thai and Music.

At Hampton’s we believe children are learn best when they are happy. We believe what children learn is important, but how they learn is even more important if they are to become learners for life in today’s society.



-Areas of Learning and Development

Prime Areas of Learning

These three areas are particularly crucial for igniting children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, and for building a child’s capacity to learn and to for relationships.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
The children’s learning focuses on developmental milestones that relate directly to social interactions and an awareness of self. The developmental statement focus on the children developing self-confidence and self-awareness, forming relationships with their peers and teachers and of course, understanding how to manage their feelings and behaviours.

Communication and Language Development
With many varied opportunities for speaking and listening, in a one to one basis and in larger group, children begin to interact collaboratively with their peers and familiar adults. They begin to negotiate plans and develop talk through play, using language to recreate and imagine experience.

Physical Development
At Hampton, we encouraged our children to develop their physical skill through daily opportunities to be active and interactive both in their classrooms and outdoor environment. Teacher focus on improvement of skills in co-ordination, control, manipulation and movement. Through physical activity using multi- sensory experience in outdoor and indoor environments, links between cognitive development and movement are enhanced.



Specific Areas of Learning

Teachers focus on a wide range of essential skills and knowledge which are taught through and strengthened by the Prime areas.

Children at Hampton are immersed in a rich language environment through books, play, songs, community events and discussions with friends and teacher. As a child progresses through our school an increased focus is placed on letter and sound recognition interweaved with encouraging he first stages of writing and reading.

Teachers bring skills of mathematics alive through play, helping children to use all of their senses to learn about the world around them. We provide a broad range of contexts in which children can explore, enjoy, learn and practice.

Expressive arts and design
Children are provided with opportunities to explore and share their ideas and feeling through music, movement, role play and art. Teachers provide a balance of skill based art activities as well as open ended child initiated art and crafts. Our children get the opportunity to perform at special events throughout the year at Hampton.

Understanding the world
Base of the weekly topic, children are motivate to become naturally inquisitive about the world around them. Teachers take time to observe and notice what interests their children and based on this, plan and extend the lesson plan to enhance and expand children’s knowledge and thinking skills.




The day is topic based and designed to build basic skills. The topics in Nursery are focused on basic concepts such as colour, animals and transport. This allows children to bring their own experiences to school and build on them. It also ensures that they begin learning very essential English vocabulary necessary throughout school. The topics are taught using music and singing, painting and performing role play and teacher lead activities. They are always busy!

-Kindergarten 1

There will be teacher led and independent activities designed around a topic. The K1 the topic from Nursery are extended to develop children’s knowledge of the world. They continue to build in confidence and independence allowing for more activities where the children develop their own ideas and projects. The children will be showing greater awareness of the environment around them. In class, children are introduced to letter sounds and mathematical concepts and numbers.

-Kindergarten 2

K2 still use their love of play to explore different roles and their own ways for problem solve and to develop firm friendships.
The children are introduced to phonics, forming letters and words, identifying numbers and simple sums. They are encouraged to starting raising their own questions and exploring ways to work things out, preparing them for Year1

-Year 1

The curriculum is organized according to cross curricular themes. The objectives are drawn from the National Curriculum, thus ensuring appropriate breadth and depth of learning. The theme titles are designed to meet the interest levels and ability of children; but across the school there is a balance of historical, geographical, scientific and literature based topics. Young children’s imagination is stimulated by the emersion in the topics and creative thinking is developed. Core Subjects: Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Thai. Other subjects such as music and art.

-After School Clubs

The school provides a variety of After School Clubs, including:
-Little Chef
-Music and Movement
-Litter Artist
-Games and Sports Club
-Story and Reading Club


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