We are community minded school that believes we have a social responsibility to support human, animal and environment. At this young age it is important that they have empathy and develop an understanding for other less fortunate than themselves. We believe that involvement of children efforts empowers them to see how they can make a difference in someone or something elseís life. We want our children to understand the importance of making the world a better place.

We are just a small school but we have a very big heart and we can make a big different for others.


Charity Art Auction

Each year we choose the Orphanage Child Center, Disability Child Center or Animal Rescue Center. Over the term the children together create big pieces of art for the art auction. Parents are invite to come to the Art Auction Gallery and bid for the pieces.

Fun Run

Each year around February, parent, children and staff are enjoy the Fun Run Charity. The money from selling T-Shirt is donated to the charity.

Give from the Angle

Children at Hampton learn to give the happiness to others by chosen the toy they donít play to other children at Orphanage Child Center. Volunteer parents and staffs are responsible to visit the Orphanage Child Center and donate the presents.



Emergency Fundraising Efforts

When a Natural disaster hits, at Hampton we feel a responsibility to help. We has raised funds and supported families through the Thailand and Japan Tsunami and other countries need support from Earthquake.

Adopting Turtle


Adopting Elephant




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